Your Summer-Aint-Over-Yet Guide To Summer

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Guys, I hate to break it to you, but in the not-too-distant future summer will be over and we’ll be faced with challenges we haven’t seen in gosh, I don’t know, five months? I’m talking about a cooling of the weather. The changing of the seasons. And most of all, a change to inside-centric activities.

I know it looks bleak out there, but there is a glimmer of hope. Though our time in this most perfect balance of sun and warmth is coming to a close, we still have enough time to squeeze a few more drops of enjoyment out of summer. Don’t let the prospects of change cause you to let the last remaining days of summer pass without their deserved pomp and circumstance.

We may only have a few more weeks of summer left – don’t listen to people who say Labor Day is the end of the summer. They’re crazy people who hate fun – but by golly we’re going to make the most of our remaining time, right?…


That’s better.


There isn’t much time left and we gotta make the most of it. Take any excuse, ANY EXCUSE, and get yourself outside for a few hours a week. I don’t care if you feel like you’ve done everything there is to do outside, go outside and do it again. In a few short weeks, or days for some of you, you’ll beg for the ability to spend time outside comfortably without the assist of a sweater or jacket.

Restaurants are still seating people outside (hopefully) and the outdoor areas at bars are still open to the public. Get out there and enjoy the time you have left.

Hell, you could even join a recreational sports league and actively maximize your time outside. (Bonus: this will give you a reason to spend time outside even after fall officially rolls around, though it’ll get decidedly colder as the season wears on.) The good thing about outdoor rec leagues is that not only do you get to play fun games, but you get to do it with your friends AND meet other silly humans. What’s better than that? Fun in the sun, and human interaction? Sounds like a winning combination to me.


I think I’ve told you this before, but there is nothing I love more than a beautiful sunset. There is something about the beauty of the sun going down after a long day, streaking the sky with majestic purples, pinks, and oranges that feels cathartic and somewhat cleansing. No matter how tough the day, the sun will go down and (provided there isn’t an overcast) the evening sky will light up.

Sadly though, our ability to catch this at the end of a work day is coming to a close for the time being. Soon enough, we’ll be leaving work and walking out into the night, having missed the sunset by a solid hour or two. Make it a point to cash in on these last few opportunities and watch nature present you with unparalleled beauty.


I’ve spent about 500 words giving you tips on how to not give in to the inevitability of the summer ending and I think 500 words is enough, so let’s switch gears.

Summer is ending, and it’s ending fast, but don’t sweat it (#summerjokes) because fall is a pretty dope season, too. It’s infinitely cooler (don’t check my math on that), the leaves start to change, which is literally the best, opening the windows in your home actually creates a comfortable environment, and your wardrobe gets a refresher (who doesn’t love a good cardigan, or light jacket?). There really is so much to love about the fall and we constantly fail to keep it in mind because we can’t stop dreading the impending doom that is the dead of winter.

Forget all that. You know what’s a great way to enjoy the last days of summer? Not dreading the end. Summer is eventually going to give way to fall, it’s unavoidable, but we don’t have to be anxious about it. Let’s enjoy what time we have left and welcome in the wondrous beauty of fall with open arms.

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