We’re Unroll.me

Unroll.me streamlines the process of dealing with all those annoying-but-useful marketing emails. After you sign up for Unroll.me, you choose which marketing emails and newsletters you actually want to receive. If you’re only a bit interested in certain emails, you can put them in the Rollup, and we’ll make sure they don’t clutter up your inbox. Instead, we’ll put them in a single Rollup email each day.

Oh, but what about those emails that you’d rather never receive or seem impossible to unsubscribe from? Unroll.me offers a simple one-click unsubscribe from any newsletter or marketing email you no longer wish to receive.

Wait a second, you’ve been around a while haven’t you?

In fact, yes — Unroll.me has been running since early 2012, but we’ve recently pushed out a vastly new and improved version with many exciting features, improving both the functionality and user experience for everyone.

So – what’s new?

All-new branding We’ve completely rebranded and redesigned our company image from the ground up.

New mascots

Meet our new mascots — Tom and Clive! Tom is constantly bombarded with emails, and Clive is using Unroll.me. Can you tell who is who?

UI redesign & full mobile support

We’ve completely redesigned the rollup interface for a much smoother user experience. The entire site is no also optimized to work well on smartphones and tablets

Improved speed and security

We’ve completely rebuilt the front-end of our application with Node.js for a much faster, smoother experience. We’ve also upgraded to OAuth 2, for maximum email security.

Unroll.me now works with Yahoo Mail

By popular demand, Unroll.me now works with Gmail, Google Apps and Yahoo Mail.

Many backend improvements

Our team has been hard at work improving and tweaking the backend of Unroll.me, improving its newsletter algorithms and many other areas for a better experience.

New Blog

To keep people up to date with all of our new stuff, we’re making a blog to share progress & ideas. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.

Thanks to everyone who has been using Unroll.me and provided us with the great feedback. We are actively improving our application, so if you have any thoughts, please do get in touch with us. If you have not yet tried out Unroll.me, sign up now and be on your way to email cleaner inbox.

Lots more to come!

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Jack has a strong passion for finding, discussing and building new products. He oversees numerous projects, with a focus on Unroll.Me's growth and engagement. https://unroll.me