Welcome Earl Quinn to the Unroll.Me Team!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to the newest member of the Unroll.Me team, Mr. Earl Quinn.

(Pause for applause)

Earl, who will introduce himself in the space below, is taking over the Customer Support role for Unroll.Me, and is really leading the charge toward overall customer satisfaction.

He brings with him a commitment to his work, a desire to help those who call upon him (you know, the users), a delightfully eccentric sense of humor, and a phenomenal beard a cleanly shaven face, but at the risk of telling you too much, allow me to turn it over to the man of the hour himself.

Without further ado, please welcome to the stage, Earl Quinn!

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to join Unroll.Me and am honored (and a little frightened) that I have been given the keys to the customer support car.

So, tell us how you got here, career-wise.

I've been involved, in some degree, in customer service for most of my working career. I've worked as a server, as a sales clerk at a secondhand shop, and I managed the online face of a children's clothing store in Chicago. I think the best learning experience, as far as customer service goes, came at Groupon where I worked under a guy whose approach was empathetic and compassionate. He made it top priority to understand the customer's issue and then educate the customer to make their experience better. His philosophy wasn't that "the customer is always right" but to "let them know we're in their corner."

We’ve been talking a while and still, no jokes. Tell us how improv fits into the picture.

While I was learning from Joe at Groupon, I was also enrolled in improv classes at iO (formerly known as Improv Olympic). The base idea in improv comedy is to establish a clear communication between you and your partner, and then build on whatever your partner contributes. In improv, this approach will almost always lead to a successful scene and this philosophy seemed to jive really well with Groupon's approach to customer support. You have to listen to the problem and understand the other person's experience. Only then can you solve the problem. This style helped me with improv and I think improv helped me apply this style and I am very excited to bring this style, and philosophy, over to Unroll.Me.

I’ve been really patient – but I’m dying to see your stuff! Are you out on the interwebs anywhere?

Of course! I wrote this video for The Second City Network, I wrote (and acted in) this video for fun and I wrote (and acted in) this video for IFC's Comedy Crib site. 

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