Travel to Avoid. Travel to Enjoy: Your Seasonal Travel Guide

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Travel season and summer are usually synonymous with each other. Our minds automatically associate the warmest months of the year with vacation; and even though there is still some time before school kicks off again, that mindset causes us to think the travel season is over. This is hogwash! The travel season is never over if you know where to go.

Want to avoid the oppressive summer heat? There’s a spot for that.

Want to fly South for the winter? There’s a spot for that.

Want to visit a place where spring more closely resembles summer than winter? There’s a spot for that, too.

Oh, and let’s not forget about all the spots to catch some of the famed fall foliage!

Traveling can be typecast, and it often is, but I’m here to help you break out of that. I’m here to show you how to frame your travel for each season. Ready? Grab your pen, call your travel agent (those still exist, right?), and let’s get moving!


There are two types of summer vacations: 1) the “get me the hell out of here, it’s one million degrees!” kind, and 2) the “let’s head to a beach that’s warm enough to swim in” kind. The good news is, there is still ample time for both.

If you live in the South, not only do you have up to six more weeks of summer, but you’re more likely to be in the first camp of summer vacationers. In that case, you can either flee to a body of water (the beach or a lake), and submerge yourself in nature’s most potent elixir, or you can head up into the hills (The Rocky and Cascade mountains are your best bets here. Really anywhere in the western half of the country). You may not completely escape the heat, but you will escape the humidity – it’s not the heat, but the humidity that’ll get you - plus the nights are perfect.


I don’t care what your thermometer says, it’s coming. In a few short weeks the mornings will get crisper, the days will get shorter, and the likelihood of you sweating through your work clothes before you get to the office will be greatly diminished.

Of course, when it arrives, fall will signal the merciful end of one of the hottest summers on record, but we all know why we love fall: it’s all those pretty colors! The reds, oranges, yellows…all of it. There is something so comforting about the thought of donning a sweater (perhaps a [cardigan?] on a cool autumn day and observing the awesome beauty that is the fall foliage.

Unfortunately, some of us, myself included, grew up in parts of the country where trees usually went from green and vibrant, to brown and dead in a hurry. So, as you can imagine, when I moved up North, the Fall went from being the season of football and Thanksgiving to the season of “HOLY SH*T LOOK AT THOSE TREES!!”

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