Thinking About Donating Some Clothes? Think About These Charities

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It’s that time (of the season) again where slowly but surely we are transitioning from one wardrobe to another. As the seasons change and the temperatures cool, some clothes just don’t make sense anymore. Our days of wearing tank tops, shorts, and summer dresses are numbered – you can still wear white though, I give you permission #LaborDayShmayborDay – and the sobering truth is that it’s damn-near time to break out the fall clothes.

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I start migrating clothes from the back of my closet to the front, I start purging. Without fail, every time the seasons change I have at least one garbage bag full of clothes that I’m ready to rid myself of. It used to be that I would simply toss them away – don’t judge me – but as time wore on the option of donating them became more appealing.

There are countless places you can donate clothing and shoes, Goodwill and The Salvation Army being the most well-known, but let’s not lose sight of the other charities out there serving those in need.

Want to fill the needs, and hearts, of those in need of a pick-me-up? Check out these charities and see if you can’t be the one to add some light to their life.


We all have suits and dresses that we have either grown out of, or simply don’t wear anymore. Don’t merely keep them in your closet as a mothball repository, get them out, clean them, and make use of them. This non-profit takes donations of women’s professional attire and makes them available to women who may not be able to get their hands on them otherwise.

You bought that outfit, which leads me to believe you once thought – maybe even still think – that it looked good. Don’t let it go to waste. Give it to someone who can use it to empower themselves and their boost their future prospects. And hey, if you just want to get rid of it to free up some extra space in your closet, that’s cool too. But better to give it to someone who will use it rather than throwing it on the trash heap, right?


The yin to Dress For Success’ yang, Career Gear is out to help low-income or unemployed men by providing them with professional clothes (and career development training) to help them become stronger members of their community.

You can donate suits, pants, shirts, and even socks so go through your closet and drawers, pick out what you wouldn’t mind giving away and do just that, give it away.

Obviously, the clothes should be in good condition – be smart about this one, you know what “good condition” means – but if you’ve just recently decided you hate navy blue, grab that navy blue suit and give it to someone who doesn’t have that luxury.


Ok, so we’ve touched on all those spiffy work suits and dresses, but what about those gently-worn shoes collecting dust on the floor of your closet? For some reason, I have a harder time getting rid of shoes, but this is a nice reason to put one foot in front of the other (obligatory bad pun) and give those shoes to someone in need.

Oh, and don’t worry about having to make two trips to two different charities, these cats accept clothing donations as well. You’re welcome.


Have any formalwear laying around that you’re clearly never going to wear again? Well, considering I’m sure you know where this is going, I’ll spare you the “big reveal” and tell you that Operation PROM is your go-to donation center for all things formalwear (except shoes).

They believe that every high school student should be able to go to prom while donning a wonderful outfit (corsage not included, unfortunately) and dancing the night away. Even better, they are committed to outfitting the other side of the couple as well by providing tuxedo rentals…for free. So do your closet, and your fellow human a favor and give that formal dress you haven’t worn in 11 years to this year’s potential Prom Queen.

See, folks? The clothes in your closet don’t have to just sit there or be thrown away. There are plenty of opportunities to give them another life by allowing them enrich the lives of others. Remember in Toy Story 3 when Andy give his toys away (warning: this video content may produce tears in your eyes)? This is a lot like that, though your clothes (probably) don’t come to life when you close the closet door.

Don’t just declutter your space. Make a difference.

Until next time – nice suit.

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