How To Have The Vacation You Want And Need

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Since childhood, the month of August was always Summer vacation month. It was hotter than hell down in Texas and we still had a couple of weeks before school started so why not get out of town to sit by the beach for two weeks? Ever since then, Summer vacation and August have become synonymous for me.

The problem is, as an adult, taking a vacation isn’t as easy as hopping in a car and going. You have to find the time to take off and ensure that your responsibilities can be deferred for a week so you can enjoy your time off. Basically, taking a vacation has become a task in and of itself because, as you know, life as an adult never stops. This can lead to vacations spent on the phone or buried in email, and nobody wants that.

But fear not intrepid reader, for we have the goods to help you take the vacation you want, and need. A vacation where you can truly escape the burden of day-to-day stresses.


A good way to avoid work-related vacation stress is to prepare. That means preparing yourself, your team, and your projects for your prolonged absence by clearing your to-do list, delegating some of your responsibilities, and setting the expectation to your clients/coworkers/contacts/whoever that you will be out of the office.

This will ensure that you have nothing weighing on your mind while you’re trying to enjoy yourself. It may require a little more work in the days leading up to your trip, but would you rather work a little hard before vacation, or during it?


A vacation is, at its core, time off. That means time off of work, time away from your home town, and maybe even time away from your daily routine. It’s crazy helpful to have a routine to follow, but it’s just as important to break that routine every once in a while. If you get up at 5:45am every day to hit the gym, use your vacation to allow yourself to sleep in a bit (it needs it, trust me).

The same can be said for dietary restrictions. You might be the type to watch what you eat very closely, but don’t let the rigid routine of your diet detract from the trip you’re on. One of the best things about taking vacation and traveling is sampling the native cuisine, be it in Southeast Asia or Minnesota. Let your mind relax and try the Pho.


Regardless of the trip, vacations always seem too short. You wish you could stay in that place forever and never have another worry again. Fortunately, (yes, you read that right), that’s not the case. Eventually you will have to get back to work and back to the “grind”, but that’s not the bad thing you think it is.

Vacations are only worthwhile because they break the drudgery of routine. If every day was a vacation, the word itself would grow stale and you’d be looking for something new to occupy your time.

It’s the same reason some people with untold riches are unhappy. When that’s your life every day, it becomes monotonous and unsatisfactory. It’s all relative.

Don’t dread getting back to work after vacation, appreciate the fact that you were able to take a vacation in the first place. This will make your last days of vacation—you know, the days where your mind is so preoccupied with leaving that you don’t enjoy them as much—that much more enjoyable, and your return home that much more palatable.

Until next time – how was your trip?

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