The Unroll.Me iOS App is Here!

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Today is a BIG day around these parts.

Today we are releasing our iOS app!

For the first four years of Unroll.Me, we existed solely as a web app, but today is the day we take the next step in our evolution and acclimate ourselves to life in the mobile world.

The release of the Unroll.Me app is a big deal for us, sure, but it’s an even bigger deal for you.

We have created an Unroll.Me experience that is not only cleaner and easier to use, but also intuitive, and dare I say it—fun —­­­by implementing interactive motions into the editing process. With the Unroll.Me app you will be able to edit your subscriptions with simple swiping gestures: left to unsubscribe, right to keep, and up to add to your Rollup. You know, kind of like Tinder.

Tired of not knowing exactly what you are unsubscribing from? No problem. With our new card view, you will see exactly what email you are unsubscribing from, rolling up, or keeping in your inbox.

Frustrated by not being able to act on any of the emails in your Rollup? Or by being constantly redirected every time you want to check out a sale in you Rollup? Fuggedaboutit! All links and attachments are now live and actionable from within your Rollup, AND, lucky for you, the Unroll.Me app has an in-app web browser. This means, not only can you view a 25% off sale at GAP from right there in the app, you can make a purchase from that 25% off at GAP right there in the app. No redirecting.

The Unroll.Me app is chock-full of improvements and surprises to enhance the experience of each and every one of you. But more than that, the Unroll.Me app is here to completely change the way you interact with your inbox.

Since we launched Unroll.Me four years ago, our goal has been to help you declutter your inbox so you can spend less time worrying about email and more time living your life. Today represents the high-water mark in our commitment to that goal as we have created an app that will radically diminish the footprint email leaves on your life.

So go ahead and download the Unroll.Me app and see what all the fuss is about. Remove the clutter from your inbox and never dread email again.

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