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Unroll.Me Detoxes Inboxes On-The-Go with New iOS App

Preferred Path to Clutter-Free Email, Unroll.Me App-ifies Fan-Favorite Features

NEW YORK – November 5, 2015Unroll.Me, the free service that instantly streamlines email inboxes, today brings its subscription-slaying superpowers—loved by millions—for the first time to mobile.

Download the Unroll.Me app in the iOS App Store here:

The new app delivers a brand-new email experience to the iPhone. The fun and engaging “card” interface lets people simply swipe to unsubscribe, keep, or consolidate select messages into a single email “Rollup.” It also offers in-app browsing to further streamline email by killing the email-to-browser toggle.

At sign-up for the free service, the average “Roller” ditches over 70 percent of email subscriptions, revealing the vast majority of what lurks in most inboxes is unwanted subscriptions and junk. Now people can kill the bots whenever they have a minute and a spare thumb. Real, valuable messages remain, while notifications, advertisements and marketing and other unwanted information is corralled or canned.

The Unroll.Me app showcases the latest in iOS design for an elegant, intuitive experience and introduces new ways to surface emails that truly matter—and to eliminate those that don’t:

  • Swipe Left to Can the Spam – Each “card” view presents a detected subscription; swipe left to unsubscribe, right to keep it in the inbox, or up to add it to the Rollup
  • In-App Browser – Rollup content is live and actionable, meaning no more redirect to a browser: view a full, single email; click a link or attachment; and even make a purchase

“Over the last four years, we have radically diminished the amount of time our users spend managing their inboxes, and this is the next chapter in helping them achieve email Zen,” says Jojo Hedaya, co-founder of Unroll.Me. “On a train, in line at the store, watching TV on the couch… wherever you find yourself with a free second, you can make your life much less stressful with a few thumb swipes.”

Behind the Scenes, Refining the Attack Plan on the Spam Scourge

Since its founding in 2011, Unroll.Me has honed the art of algorithmic technology to bring industry-leading precision to its unsubscribe functionality. The launch of the Unroll.Me app introduces new email recognition capabilities that will address “group detected” subscriptions. With the new grouping algorithm, if a user unsubscribes if a user unsubscribes from any email related to one sender, users can opt to unsubscribe from all future emails from any name attributed to that sender, or select which mails they want to keep. So, for example, if a user wants to unsubscribe from daily deals but keep the getaway offers from a sender, they have that option, as well.

“Everything we put into this launch – from introducing our new logo to the obsessive testing of our subscription detection algorithms – is all focused on our ultimate goal of helping our users declutter their lives and find more time to do whatever makes them happy,” says Hedaya. “The Unroll.Me app represents new, exciting ways for us to deliver on that commitment.”

The new Unroll.Me app is free and available in the App Store. For more information, please check out this video or visit

About Unroll.Me:

Unroll.Me is the ultimate one-stop inbox detox. Trusted by millions of users who have collectively unsubscribed or “Rolled Up” over 8.2 billion emails, it’s the first line of defense in taking back control of your inbox.

Available for free on iOS or the web, Unroll.Me keeps your inbox free of spam by automatically identifying newsletters, notifications, and other subscriptions, letting you unsubscribe from what you don’t want, and combining your favorite subscriptions into one daily digest email called the “Rollup.”

Based in New York City, Unroll.Me was acquired by Slice Technologies in 2014. To learn more about Unroll.Me, visit, follow @Unrollme on Twitter or “like” Unroll.Me on Facebook.

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