Saving Daylight and Moving Forward

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With daylight savings time beginning and our long, dark, winter haze over, it’s about time for us to spring forward, literally and figuratively (he said slyly).

I want us to think a bit about the benefits of moving forward. Not just moving the clocks forward – though that later sunset is some seriously sweet nectar – but moving forward in life.

This can come up in many different areas of life,. Moving forward is a vital part of not only living our lives, but of working toward living our best lives. Here’s how:


At some point in life, you are going to experience a setback. This can be a small setback or a large, world-rocking setback. Regardless of the nature of this setback, keep your head up and move forward.

Let’s say the partner of your dreams just dumped you. Pretty rough stuff, yea? That’s going to do a number on your psyche and on your ability to function. It may even thrust you into a depression for a while but eventually you’re going to have to move forward and take the next step in your life.

Don’t take that to mean that you shouldn’t take time to mourn and to heal, but in order for you to get your things in order, you’re going to have to take the next step. Give yourself some time, but get back out there, meet some new people, and get your life back on track. Will it hurt? Initially, but it’ll teach you more about what you want future relationships to look like than it’ll hurt you.


When I was in school, they would consistently tell us, “If you’re not progressing, you’re regressing.” They were using that to try to get us to study, but it turns out that the sentiment is super true.

We’ve all got something we’re at least marginally proud of, something that took us hours to complete and got some level of praise. That’s great, after all, isn’t that what we’re all looking for? The key is to not become complacent with your success. Much like moving forward after a setback, once you experience a success, allow yourself the time to celebrate, but don’t allow yourself to get lost in the success so much that you forget to move onto whatever is next.

Success isn’t one achievement, it’s many achievements strung together, and you can’t string together successes if you’re stuck on the first one.


Establishing a comfort zone for yourself is, I think, a universal goal. We’re all looking to find comfort in our interpersonal relationships, our intrapersonal relationships, and in our daily activities. But becoming too comfortable is where we start to lose ourselves. Like I said earlier, if you’re not progressing, you’re regressing. We shouldn’t be afraid to push our comfort zones a bit and test our outer limits.

If you are one to frequent the gym, you’ll know that making gains is a very exciting experience. But if after you make those gains you never increase the weight, or the distance, or the time, you’ll stagnate. Don’t stagnate, move forward.

Until next time – forward!

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