One Million Users: You Got Us Here.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve hit the 1,000,000 users mark! This is a huge milestone for all of us at Unroll.Me and we couldn’t have done it without you—our Rollers.

Below is an infographic that shows the extent of what one million users means to us, you, and inboxes everywhere. Check it out and be sure to share with your friends.

We also celebrated by throwing a party at our amazing WeWork location in New York. Check out our team photo from the event:

Awesome work, @Unrollme! They just hit 1 million users. Congrats to the entire team!

— WeWork (@WeWork) July 8, 2014

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Jack has a strong passion for finding, discussing and building new products. He oversees numerous projects, with a focus on Unroll.Me's growth and engagement.