Say "Yes" to Make the Most of Your Time

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As soon as my July fourth festivities ended Tuesday night, me and my two friends started discussing our plans for the rest of the Summer. Unfortunately, as humans are wont to do, we started looking ahead and within just a few minutes we were lamenting how quickly Summer has come and how quickly it’ll go.

Fortunately, Summer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – it started two weeks ago for crying out loud – but before we know it we’ll be creeping up on August and all of a sudden we’re in the homestretch with fall staring us dead in the eyes. What are we to do about this? We’re to take advantage of the time we have left (#deepermeaning). I mean it.

(Shameless plug alert!) Unroll.Me has made it so you don’t have to spend time cleaning out your inbox. Use that time wisely and enjoy it while you can. To help, I’ve come up with a super short, super straightforward bucket list to help you make the most of the opportunities that come your way before the time slips away.

Here it is:


The idea isn’t that you say “yes” to anything and everything that comes your way. That’s silly. The idea is that you say “yes” to things you’d normally say “no” to out of laziness or preconceived notions.

The main draw here is that you put yourself in situations where new experiences are possible. Does that mean you have to follow any random stranger’s advice, or follow them to a party full of people you don’t know? Of course not. But it could mean following a friend to a party full of people you’ve never met, or trying an exotic food that you never thought about trying. Hell, it could even mean ignoring your bedtime and staying out until the wee hours of the morning on a work night.

Life comes at you fast. Don’t let it pass you by.


Saying “yes” is a great start (good job!), but it really only applies for things that come your way. It’s passive, whereas stepping out of your comfort zone is active.

For example, and I’ve said this before, stepping out of your comfort zone could be talking to a stranger. Don’t creep on them and make them uncomfortable, a simple “hi, good morning” will do the trick, but reconnect with them. Today’s culture of isolationism so pervasive that if you want a date all you have to do is go on your phone and swipe right. It’s super-duper silly.

Thousands of people cross your path every day. Say something to just one of them and who knows what might happen? (Clue: you’ll be happier.)


Don’t think about the things that can go wrong, or what other people will think about your decisions. Think about what can go right and how you feel about the decision. People often psych themselves out of potential amazing experiences because they’re either afraid of judgement, they focus on the worst case scenario, or they just don’t like the discomfort that comes with the unknown. Don’t do that. If you only focus on what can go wrong, you’re missing all that is going right.

Surrender to the flow and enjoy the experience you’re living.


This is the most important thing you can do and it’s fairly straight forward: just have fun. Spend time with your friends and family. Go out for a night of drinking (responsibly) and dancing. Meet strangers and make new friends. Watch the sun rise.

Whether your moving, or getting older, or dreading the eventual end of Summer, time is finite. Get out there and enjoy it.

Until next time – check it off the list.

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