It's Time to Downsize

And just like that, it’s over. Black Friday and Cyber Monday came and went, leaving billions of dollars worth of transactions in its wake. We spent time either in line or online looking for the best deals and when those deals appeared, we pounced, and we pounced hard.

But now what? Now that the busiest time for shopping is over, what do we do? Why not ready yourself for the inevitable flood of Black Friday/Cyber Monday goodies currently headed your way? After all, we want to help you declutter your life, not just your inbox, right?


If you’re anything like me, you bought yourself a new winter coat, some sweaters, maybe a couple shirts and some socks - or at least thought really hard about it. The bad news is, you have no room for any of it in because your closet and drawers are full of all the stuff you bought last year…and the year before…and the year before.

Instead of over-packing your storage space, go through your drawers and closets and if you come across something you haven’t worn in over a year, toss it. Or better yet, donate it. (The same goes for shoes by the way. Stop holding on to them because they’re perfect for some fictional costume party you may invited to.) The same goes for seasonal clothes. If you haven’t worn those sweatpants since the winter of 2011, it’s probably time to say goodbye.


You’re buying the new… [insert electronic device here] …because you either need to replace the old one, or you want a shiny new toy. Now, you may not be able to just toss out the old electronics before the new ones arrive, you know, because you may need them and stuff, but you can at least prepare for the new ones.

If you are expecting bigger electronics like appliances, TVs, printers, etc… you can ensure an easier transition when they arrive by 1) separating it from the tangle of wires it currently resides in and/or 2) clearing the space to allow for an easier installation. You’ll thank me later.
Guys: We all want to think we can install TVs and appliances on our own but unless you’re a handyman, bite the bullet and get a professional up in there. It’ll save you time and one HELL of a headache.

So as it turns out, there are really only two broad categories of stuff people buy this time of year, but that doesn’t stop people from buying too much of either. Here’s a good simple guideline to keep the clutter down (that still applies because Cyber Monday is now a week, apparently): If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

We’re not here to tell someone what to do with their money but a good way to avoid having too much of something is to stop unnecessarily buying more of that something. Don’t let the sales reel you in. I don’t care how cheap that handheld vacuum cleaner is ($18.13 on Amazon, by the way), you don’t need a third!

Disclaimer: I realize the word “need” means different things to different people. Obviously use these rules as they apply to you. Or don’t, that’s cool too.

Happy decluttering!

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