How To Have Fun Inside When It's Too Cold To Go Outside

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We’re at that time of year when nice days are very few and very far between. That means we’re about to start spending a lot of our time indoors. Not only that, we’re about to want to spend a lot of time indoors because, frankly, being outside in the cold, rainy, windy conditions of late Fall is just not something many people get super excited about.

This presents us with an issue we face every year at this time: what on Earth can we possibly do to stay entertained while being confined inside for the majority of our time?

The first thing we should do is reframe the connotations that surround the word “confined”. Many people, myself included, think of being confined as being stuck in our homes or apartments, unable to leave. Shake that idea. Inside fun is not exclusive to your place of habitation. It can occur anywhere you want it to, as long as there are some walls, a roof, hopefully some heating, and maybe even some Wi-Fi.


I know I just said that having fun inside doesn’t mean you have to be confined to your own home, but how awesome is it to have fun without having to leave? (Hint: so much better).

Before you get cabin fever and start yelling at your walls place, invite some of your friends over for a party and live it up Winter-style. They’ll be super appreciative of the opportunity to leave their own homes while still being able to feel comfortable (taking off their shoes, not having to carry a coat around, etc.) and have a good time.

If you do it right (#BYOB), you’ll have enough food and drink to last you an entire day, meaning all you need to do is find the right mix of music, unlock the front door, and let the good times roll.


Blyber Fronday literally just happened and I know you bought at least one new thing. Take it out and use it.

I don’t care if it’s a new bedding set, or a new cast iron skillet, or even a new pair of headphones, use it. Almost everything you buy has some sort of learning curve tied to it, or a process that you have to complete before using it (looking at you, skillet). Take this opportunity to get that done. There’s nothing worse than wanting to use something only to remember you have yet to set it up, or you don’t know how to use it. Nip that feeling of disappointment in the bud and get your stuff primed and ready to go.

You’ll thank me next time you remember how much of a pain in the ass it is to season a skillet.


This is where we buck the conventional thinking that “staying in” means you can’t leave your home.

Spend a Day at the Museum

Go spend a day at a museum you’ve been meaning to visit – there are literally a trillion of them, and most of them are awesome. Grab yourself a PIC (partner in crime, for the layperson) and hit the museum circuit with a fury. You’ll learn a lot, see some really cool things, and get to spend some high-quality time with your PIC, which, if you ask me, is damn-near priceless.

Go See a Movie

If museums aren’t your cup o’ tea, take your PIC and go see a movie. There are some amazing flicks out there, both old and new, and you haven’t seen most of them. Find one that catches your fancy, mosey on over to the theater, and watch the majesty of art unfold before your eyes.

Learn Your Area

Depending on where you live, there are between four and infinity bars and restaurants around you, and if you’re anything like me, you want to check these places out, you just haven’t gotten around to it.

No longer!

You live in a neighborhood and you should learn a little bit about the area you live in. I mean, what if you have a friend visit and they ask you about the best bar in the area, or the best brunch place? What are you going to say if you’ve tried only three places?

Get out and try those places. You, and your buddy, deserve it.

Until next time – have fun in there.

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