Ghosts in the Machine

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Now that Halloween is over, let’s get rid of the phantom data that’s in your iPhone. It lurks in your memory, and is called “other.” While it’s not as creepy as that movie of the same name, it’s really not something you want to keep around.

In the 8 years since the first iPhone was introduced, the capabilities of our mobile technology have advanced. However, with those advancements come requirements, and in order to do these amazing things with our phones – yes, cat videos ARE amazing things – our phones require more memory space. That’s all fine and good, until we realize that everything else we want to do with our phones (order food, hit up Instagram, call an Uber, or take a Snapchat that you swear your friends are going to find hilarious) requires memory space as well and the “other” data selfishly eating all the free space on your phone.

“Other” data is the data that is not easily placed into the iTunes categories, like: Audio, Video, Photos, etc. Instead, “other” is full of things like your web browser cache, your mail cache, notes, voice memos, and the like, or in other words, things you don’t need, and hardly ever use.

It’s time you took control of your phone and got rid of all that extra “other”. Trust me, doing this will change everything. Your iPhone game will be “on fleek”, or whatever it is the kids are saying these days.

Here’s how you clean up this extra space, and it’s easy. All you have to do is identify what the “other” is and where it’s living. Luckily for us, there are resources that have dedicated time and space to help us find that out.

I know it sounds like an exaggeration (and it might be) but kicking “other” to the curb may be the best thing you’ve ever done with an iPhone. Go ahead and try it out.

(Pause for readers to clean out the “other”)

Presto! A phone without hang-ups

See that? Your phone no longer feels like it ate too much at Thanksgiving dinner. Your phone can get up off the couch, take a picture of the food you just made, ‘gram it, and download the new Unroll.Me app (see what I did there), without worrying if it has enough free space to function properly.

The bottom line is this: phones have become a universal tool for our everyday lives. We depend on them for everything. But guess what? A phone filled with “other” doesn’t care. A phone filled with “other” becomes lethargic and throws convention out the window. You are no longer the ruler and decider of the lethargic phone, you are at its mercy. You are the Ariel to its Ursula, present but unable to speak. The phone now has the beautiful voice, and the Trident of King Triton.

This can’t stand! Get your voice back! Kiss Prince Eric, and defeat the evil beast that is the “other”!

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