Four Chrome Extensions That'll Save Your Wallet

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We’re in a golden age, people. This internet thing (the world wide web, to the layman) looks to have staying power, and everyday something new comes out that makes it that much better.

Today, that thing is the Chrome extension. I know I know, it’s not a new concept - they’ve been around for a few years now – but they just continue to get better. There are productivity extensions, security extensions, even extensions to block ads from popping up on whatever site you’re killing time with. It’s a magical era we’re living in and it’s only improving!

Prepare to have your minds blown, humans, because below are just a few Chrome extensions that will…(wait for it)…save you money!


Good news, everyone! Your days of shopping around for the best price are over. With Slice Watch, a new Chrome extension from our friends at Slice, you will be notified as soon as that slightly-out-of-your-price-range item is firmly in your price range! I don’t know what kind of witchcraft they’re using for this but they should keep it up because this thing is awesome.

All you have to do is add your desired item to your shopping list and wait for that magnificent notification to roll in, bringing with it the news that you’ve been so patiently waiting for: that you can buy something for cheap(er). What a good day it is when that happens ::sigh::.


Back in the day people would spend hours and hours cutting out coupons and filling their reserves for when they went shopping. I vividly remember helping my mom with this at our kitchen table and thinking it was the absolute best way to shop. I mean, these places were pretty much giving away free money, all we had to do was find it.

With that being said, and agreed upon, when was the last time you did that? Been a while hasn’t it? Well, thanks to Honey you can get your coupon game back up to snuff without having to do much of anything.

On supported online retailers, Honey will automatically apply coupon codes and sales to your items (if they are being offered). No more worrying about forgetting your coupon or missing out on a sale. With Honey, all your money-saving shopping needs are automatically taken care of. Pretty sweet, huh? (Bad pun alert!)


It sucks to buy something only to find out that you could have gotten it for cheaper somewhere else. We’ve all been there before but luckily, with Invisible Hand, we’ll never have to go back.

This extension will let you know if the item or travel accommodation (I know, right?!) is available for cheaper elsewhere. What’s more? They’re going to go ahead and do all the heavy lifting for you, too. They won’t just tell you that whatever it is you’re buying is available for cheaper somewhere else, they’ll give you a link to the relevant page on the competing website.

Sounds like a win-win to me.


There are only so many ways we can tangibly save money when shopping online, and I think the three extensions above hit on most of them. Time Is Money takes a bit of a different angle on the whole thing. Instead of giving you a deal you may not have known about, or letting you know if the item you’re buying is cheaper elsewhere, this extension will help you spend (or not spend) your money more wisely by telling you how many hours you will have to work to make up the cost of the item.

Have a problem with impulse buys? Enlist the help of this nifty little extension and feel your impulses shrink and your money stay put. After all, it’s pretty easy to say no to that “extra-special glasses cleaner” when you realize it’ll cost you the equivalent of six hours of work.

There you have it, shoppers. Thanks to the internet, shopping has never been so easy, and thanks to these extensions, it’s never been so cheap.

Until next time - we need a price check at register seven

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