Fill Out Your Personal Cabinet This Inauguration Day

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The inauguration of the 45th President of the United States is today, and regardless of your politics, you can’t deny it’s a big deal. The transfer of power From President Obama to President Trump will be complete, and the leadership this country will be under for the next four years will officially be in place. That includes (obviously) the President, Vice President, and all the assorted Secretaries of the Cabinet, you know, the people who advise the President, and the people he delegates to.

This all got me thinking about the role these people have in our government, but not only that, it got me thinking about how important the people in our personal cabinets – you know, the people we surround ourselves with – are.


The decisions each of us makes are based on the influences of our past, or surroundings, and the people around us. And while we can’t control our past, or even our surroundings, we sure as hell can choose who we surround ourselves with. Making sure we surround ourselves with the right people will not only improve our daily life, it’ll set us down a path toward our best life.


Your Pick: _________________

This is the person closest to us. Whoever it is, they are the Robin to our Batman, the Spock to our Kirk, the Hermione to our Harry. They are there for us through thick and thin, no matter what.

Filling this position is unique because it’s rarely filled by request. Usually, our personal Vice Presidents are appointed organically after years of friendship and shared experiences. It’s because of that that this person will be able to assume the responsibilities bestowed upon them without being asked. They know us better than anyone and can see when we need support. I mean, just look at President Obama and VP Joe Biden. If those aren’t #relationshipgoals, I don’t know what are.


Your Pick: _________________

This is our liaison to the outside world. Not necessarily our closest confidant, but someone very close nonetheless. We all need someone to have our back when it comes to the outside world, and this is the perfect position for that person. That could mean standing up for us in a confrontation (though that’s really a job for the Secretary of Defense #politicaljokes), or even letting us know what concerts are coming up, this person is an expert at the world around them (and us) and is an invaluable resource for our daily life. Choose wisely, though, because no one likes a bad concert recommendation.

(For real, make sure those recs pan out. A couple bad ones and your cabinet seat will be vacant in no time.)


Your Pick: _________________

Money is complicated. We gotta figure out how to make it, how to save it, how to invest it, and how to give it to the government (lest they come knocking). All while trying to eat food and keep a roof over our head. It’s tricky business and we should probably have someone close to us who can help solve the budgeting brain teasers we’re constantly bombarded with.

For me, that person is Mr. My Dad, but it can be a friend, an associate, or even yourself. Really anyone who knows anything about how to deal with money, and agrees with your basic ideals about money, will do the trick here.

And as always, it’s super-duper important that this person has your best interests in mind. I know that’s not easy to prove all the time (see: Bernie Madoff) but this position requires the most due diligence.

There are 16 cabinet positions in the United States government, but countless more in our personal life. Find the people that best represent you and what you stand for, and surround yourself with them. Be your best by surrounding yourself with the best.

Who will you appoint to your personal cabinet? Let us know on social media and don’t forget to tag it with #mycabinet.

Until next time – We hold these truths to be self-evident.

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