Give Dad the Gift of Time For Father's Day

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It comes every year like clockwork, and every year, like clockwork, children all over the country struggle to come up with gift ideas for their dads. Do they get him a tie (again) or some classic dad gift like grill accessories? Do they steal a page from Mother’s Day and send flowers? Maybe you just crack open a cold one with the old man and watch the ballgame. My siblings and I have done all of these (more than once) and then some and because of that, it’s becoming harder and harder to come up with gift ideas. I mean, hell, this man has damn near everything he wants – most importantly three four adoring children. Does he really want another piece of useless crap to stuff in his closet? I doubt it.

This year, instead of snagging another knickknack off the interwebs for your dear old dad, give the patriarch of the family something truly meaningful. This Father’s Day, give your dad something he’ll cherish: some of your time.


If possible, mosey on over to dad’s house and share the day with him. I’m no parent, but I would imagine almost any dad would rather spend quality time with their child(ren) than get a new watch with his initials engraved in it.

This can take any shape you want it to. Like I said earlier, you can plop yourself down on the couch and watch the game, you can grill delicious meats together, or you can do one of my personal favorites: dust off one of the old games you used to play together and turn back the clock to childhood. If you want my suggestion, go with this because not only are the games of your childhood insanely fun to reminisce about, but you’re probably going to be able to win pretty easily now. That might not make up for all the times he defeated you as a kid, but it’s a start.


Obviously, not everyone (myself included #sadface) can spend quality time with pappy this weekend. If you find yourself in this camp, at least give the old man a call. These least you could do is listen to him ramble on about old man things for a little bit. It is his day, after all.

In all seriousness, show dad how much he means to you. All year we’re told to call our mothers and to tell our mothers that we love them (which we do), but you don’t often hear the same being said about dear old pops. Give the man a call and tell him how much you love him. Shoot him a text (assuming he knows how to text) with an inside joke or a fond memory of your childhood. Move back the hands of time and relive the golden years you spent together when you were but a wee child. Remind him of them and let him know how important your relationship is. (Bonus point if you can get him to dad cry!).


I know not everyone reading this post is a father but I think this is important all the same: If you are a new father, an old father, an expecting father, or a hopeful father, take these days, these opportunities, to show your little (or grown) one how much YOU care about THEM.

There was nothing better than the days my dad and I would play together. We would make up games (some of which we still play) and laugh for hours. In those moments nothing mattered but the time I was spending with him which makes them some of my most cherished memories. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to forge a relationship like that with your little tyke.

Your kid thinks the world of you, let them know that they are the world to you.

Until next time – love you, pappy.

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