Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. We get together with friends and family. We share gifts, we eat, we drink, and we most certainly be merry. The holiday season is damn near perfect, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

Luckily for us, the next two weeks offer us a rare treat, the elusive four-day weekend. Take this time off and use it for something more than catching up on your favorite shows. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with bingeing Netflix all day in your PJs – that’s what Sundays were invented for, right? – but with so many days off around the holidays, what do you say we leave the Netflix/PJ party in its rightful place, the two-day weekend, and use this time to enhance our holiday season?

“Ok, fine, but how?”

Well, I’m mighty glad you asked me that conveniently placed question! Below are three things you can do to enhance your holiday season, and the holiday season of those around you. So what do you say? Ready to become the holiday master? Let’s hit it.

Learn to cook something

There is no more meal-centric time of the year than the holiday season. Sure, Thanksgiving takes the cake for more iconic meal of the year but it’s also the most predictable: turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pecan/sweet potato/pumpkin pie, etc. It’s undeniably amazing, but there’s no excitement, no room for adventure.

This holiday season, it’s time to try new and exciting dishes that you would never make otherwise. Stray away from the classic honey-glazed ham. Why not try to make osso buco? Or a decadent dessert like a Baked Alaska? Not only will your taste-buds, and guests, thank you, it’s also a helluva trick to have up your sleeve at your next potluck.

Become a master mixologist

Alcohol is to the holidays what food is to, well, the holidays. You’re either spending time with friends and family and drinking because that’s how you celebrate with your friends and family, or you’re drinking because alcohol makes spending that much time with family almost bearable.

Why not take this amazing drinking opportunity and add a little excitement to it? Sure, whiskey spiked eggnog, and apple cider, are Christmas staples, but why not learn how to make something different? Spend a couple hours this week and master the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned, or the Tom Collins and impress everyone at your holiday party.

You may only know how to make one cocktail, but by golly, it’ll be a good one.

Learn how to wrap a gift, properly

When we envision gifts, we think of this, a beautifully wrapped box with a bow on top, but we always end up with this, a paper bag with some festive image on it and just enough tissue paper to hide the gift inside. What the hell, y’all? Where did it all go wrong?

Most of you have already finished your Christmas shopping (hopefully) and you have a bit of free time coming your way. Go the extra mile and learn how to properly wrap a gift. Not only will it look amazing under your tree, it will also show how much care you put into the entire gift process. Gifts are always nice, but nothing says “I care” like a well-wrapped present.

(Disclaimer: please forgive the jewelry store-commercial sentiment. This time of the year just brings it out of me.)

Well there you have it. Now that the holiday season is right on top of us, use some of your time off to learn something to enhance the holiday for those around you. I mean, what’s better than receiving an impeccably wrapped present? Nothing. Well, not nothing. Unwrapping an impeccably wrapped present right after eating some delicious osso buco and drinking a cocktail that you made is pretty sweet too, but you get the idea.

Get out there and take advantage of this time off and enhance the holidays just a bit.

Until next time.

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