The Year Is Almost Over, But Don't Give Up On It Just Yet

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2017 has been one of those rare years where it simultaneously feels like time flew by AND like time has slowed to a crawl. The never-ending news cycle continues to shower us with bad news, our countrymen in the south were ravaged by a slew of horrible hurricanes, fires engulfed Northern California, and it feels like every single man we’ve enjoyed watching on TV or film is being exposed as a sexual predator.

It’s been a mess and I resonate with the desire to get 2017 in the rearview as quickly as possible, but if you’re asking me—which you’re not—it’s still too early to give up on 2017 as a whole. There’s too much time left.

Think of this post as kind of a reverse New Year’s Resolution post. I’m not here to tell you that you shouldn’t make resolutions, or that you should make resolutions that are more attainable. I want to tell you that just because 2017 has been hard, and just because December has officially sneaked up on us, doesn’t mean it’s time to write off the year.


One of the things I find really interesting about the goals we set for ourselves is that when we don’t see immediate success, or realize things tend to be difficult, we give up. We rationalize with ourselves that it wasn’t the right time or that we never really wanted to do it in the first place. Why? Why do we consistently sell ourselves short when it comes to accomplishing our goals?

We have a full month left in 2017 and even if we have yet to take steps toward accomplishing our goals, we still have time. The opportunity hasn’t passed us by. If there is still something you want to accomplish, or an end you want to start working towards, make it happen. Get out there and make the most of your year.


Being able to see the finish line and actually crossing the finish line are two very different things. When it comes to a race, seeing the finish line is a motivator. It pushes us to work harder. But for whatever reason, seeing the finish line at the end of a year does the opposite. It causes us to give up, to say, “What’s the point?”.

The new year is a fascinating phenomenon. No matter how good or bad the previous year was, we tend to have hope going into January 1. We think to ourselves, “this time will be different. This is going to be the year of [insert name here]!”. But we don’t do that until we’ve already given up on the year we just completed. I’m here to tell you that its always too early to give up on a year, regardless of how late it is.

We have a full month of time to play with. Why would we sit back and wait for next year when we can make the last month of this year count? I know it’s not easy but giving up this early only serves as a detriment to us. It causes us to effectively lose 1/12th of our year to apathy. If we do this every year we end up losing YEARS of time that we could have spent bettering ourselves, experiencing new things.

There is still time left in 2017. Get out there and take advantage of it.

Until next time – Cross that finish line.

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