Don't Fret the Heat, Embrace It and Enjoy Your Summer

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Remember way back when? Back when you still had to bundle up to go outside, when you were just waiting for summer to get here so you could finally put your coat away for the season? I bet that when the first day of warmth came, joy and celebration coursed through your veins to the point that it was nearly impossible to contain. Well, here we are, a few solid weeks later and already some of you are starting the whole “Ugh, it’s sooo hot out here!” I don’t want to be THAT guy, but sometimes tough love is in order: get over it. You asked for summer, this is summer, now go out and enjoy it.

I know this can be hard, especially when you’re so physically uncomfortable, as many are in the heat and humidity, but, all that needs to happen for you to enjoy the rest of your summer – which, by the way, is still in its infancy – is a simple shift in the way you see things. Sounds a little vague, doesn’t it? Allow me to expound.


The chocolate starfish is my man Fred Durst (My everlasting admiration for anyone who can place that lyric.) Going out and enjoying a situation, especially a less-than-ideal one, requires a shift in your ability to accept it for what it is. Once you can accept that summer is the hottest and most humid season of the year, and that there is nothing you can do to change that, you can start living within it instead of in spite of it. For example, if you’re the type to avoid being outside on a very hot day (you’re not alone here), any time spent sweating in the heat will do nothing but irritate you. BUT, if you were to accept the relative atrociousness of the weather and the fact that everyone is in the exact same boat as you are, you can stop worrying about sweating and instead relish in the fact that you’re not shivering.


If you don’t have a car, getting to and from work in the summer comes with a generous serving of sweat. Either you’re waiting for public transportation or you’re walking/riding your bike to work; either way, it’s going to be hot and steamy. Aside from accepting that these conditions are part of the deal, there are ways you can improve your overall experience in the face of the oppressive heat:

  • Leave a spare work shirt in the office, so, you know, it’s not all sweaty and smelly when you get to work, OR travel with your work clothes in tow and change when you get there. It’s a small thing, but no one likes to get to work looking like you just finished at the gym, especially with the air conditioner doing everything it can to make your office a walk-in freezer.

  • On your way to the office, or on your way back home, take breaks from the heat and step inside a commercial establishment (also known as “a store”). It could be the new ice cream shop that just opened, or the old ice cream shop that’s been a neighborhood staple for decades, or one of those chain ice cream shops that - as much as we may not like to admit it - is still incredibly delicious. I guess what I’m trying to say is, no matter how hot and gross it is, there’s always ice cream, I mean, there’s always a silver-lining somewhere. (Cliché, I know.)

If ice cream isn’t your speed, take a pit stop in a different store every week and get to know your area a little better. Not only will you see and meet interesting people, but you’ll get to enjoy the sweet reality of central air for a few minutes. Time this well enough and you should be able to keep the perspiration to a minimum.


Aside from putting away your penguin suit for a couple days, summer weekends afford us the wonderful opportunity to wake up the inner child living inside of us and get out there and let him/her run free. Ice cream trucks are out in full force (sensing a pattern here?), people are riding bikes and skateboards, games are being played, everyone is smiling, AND, if you’re lucky, fountains and sprinklers will be running, which you’ll know what to do if you’ve properly woken up your inner child. When was the last time you ran through sprinklers? I bet it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? It’s about time that all changed. Remember how much we used to enjoy summer? Channel your inner child and get some of that enjoyment back.

Until next time – (Ice cream truck jingle playing) ICE CREAM!!

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