Don't Dread the Loss of an Hour: A Daylight Saving Story

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Bad news kids: You’re losing an hour of sleep this weekend. I know, I know, it’s an appalling byproduct of the departure of Winter, but one we must power through in order to enjoy the arrival of Spring and Summer.

As you probably know (if not, SURPRISE!), this weekend marks the beginning of Daylight Saving Time – the unholy tradition of moving the clocks forward one hour so we can…I don’t know, save time? I’m not really sure, but apparently this was started as a chance to extend the daylight hours, and theoretically save on energy consumption. Who knew?

Regardless, the clocks are bumping up an hour, and our sleep schedules are going to bear the brunt of it. This much is inevitable, but, my friends, let us not dwell on the devastation of losing precious weekend sleep (read: hangover recovery time). Instead, let us find the silver lining in what awaits us on the other side of that missing hour.


We all know that the most depressing part of Winter is that the sun sets before you leave work, forcing you to commute from the office in what can only be described as the hellish landscape of Winter (this is made exponentially worse in cold weather cities where darkness is joined by slowly losing feeling in your face and hands), but that’s all about to change. No longer will we need to anguish in seeing the sun for only a few fleeting moments every morning. Soon enough we will once again be able bask in the beauty and warmth daylight AFTER work (I know! It’s very exciting)!

I mean, come on, who doesn’t love when it’s still light outside at 8:30pm on a warm summer’s eve? Take your time, I’ll wait…

That’s what I thought.

Anyways, not only does the clock change extend the day, it reinvigorates people. The clocks changing is the timer that lets us know its ok to leave our homes and go back outside, and I can’t [insert expletive here] wait!


I think that says it all.


As much as I hate to acknowledge it, I feel that I must; just because the clocks change, doesn’t mean winter is fully behind us. There will still be days where we wrap our scarves and zip up our coats. Hell, there may even be another snowfall in our future (I shudder just thinking about it), but it’s hard to avoid the inevitability that Summer is coming, and fast.

Soon we’ll be closeting our coats for good and pulling out our t-shirts, shorts, summer dresses, tank tops, and whatever else it is people wear during the summer (presumably as little as possible) while traipsing around to ballgames, barbeques, and picnics. People start making plans to go to the beach, to go to music festivals, or to just spend time outdoors, and it’s almost like life itself emerges from hibernation and everything is right with the world again.

(I know, I’ll be singing a different tune when it’s 92° in the middle of June and I’m losing my weight in sweat, but right now, after months of snow hats and scarves, I’m will welcome sweat with open arms.)


The onset of warmth and Summer are enough to get anyone out of bed in the morning, but that’s not really the issue we face this weekend. The real question is; how do we prepare ourselves for this loss of time? I mean, is there really a way to prepare? I’d submit to you that there is, but you may not want to hear it...
The best way to prepare for the time change is to go to sleep earlier and allow your body to get the rest it needs. You didn’t like that answer, did you? Yea, I didn’t think so.

Assuming, that you don’t want to go to bed at 10:30 on a Saturday night (no judgment, I did it two weeks ago and it was the best Saturday night ever), the only real way to prepare yourself for the change is to submit to the idea that there is no way to prepare yourself. Don’t fret over the lost hour. Just go out, have a good time, go to bed, and wake up either an hour later, or with an hour less of sleep, and know that you’ll survive.

Is Sunday going be a tired day (at least more than usual)? Yea, probably, but its ok. We know good things (in this case sun and warmth) are on the horizon so our decision to sleep less is one we can live with, and if it’s not, why would you make that decision in the first place? The clocks are changing no matter what. Embrace it and enjoy what's to come.

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