Declutter Your Digital Life With These Helpful Apps

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By now I’m sure you know that Unroll.Me helps keep your inbox in order. We do this so you can spend less time decluttering your email account and more time doing things you actually enjoy.

That’s all well and good, and we’re happy to help, but there are other parts of life that need to be kept in order, too.

Instead of focusing on what you can do with all the extra time Unroll.Me is saving you, we thought we’d help you find ways to declutter other parts of your digital life that may have become cumbersome and convoluted. Here are a few of our favorite apps that will help you do just that:


You’ve been conditioned to write notes your entire life. Hell, the first few years of school are basically just you learning how to take notes—it’s society’s preferred method of making sure you retain valuable information. The problem is, now that technology has infiltrated every last corner of life, it’s easy to drop a note in some app somewhere only to forget where you put it. No Longer!

I know Evernote has been around for a while now, but it’s holding strong as the best way to keep centralized digital notes. If pen and paper are still your jam, have at it. But if the digital age has grabbed you by the horns, Evernote is the way to go for your prolific note-taking needs.


You can basically copy and paste the above paragraphs and just replace “notes” with “passwords” for this one, but let’s give it the old college try anyway.

Passwords have been vital security tools for nearly the entire internet age, but now with more utilities being digitized and app-itized (unintentional wordplay is fun), nearly everything you do requires a password; and not just a “1234” password; a complex, “secure” password. As these passwords become more complex, they become harder to remember, which is where 1Password comes in. You no longer have to remember your passwords, you just have to save them to your 1Password and let them auto-fill from there.

You will have to remember your master password, you know, the one that gives you access to the rest of your passwords, but that’s no biggie, right?


With physical newspapers and magazines steadily moving to the proverbial farm upstate (where they play with other newspapers and magazines), digital reading has become the new norm. This requires multiple apps to get the info you want. Feedly eliminates that problem by allowing you to centralize all your content goodies in one place.

There’s enough noise in the digital realm as it is. You might as well cut out some of the chatter and gather all the content you want in one place, right? Plus, why have four apps for news and things when you can have one?


If you’ve ever done your taxes with TurboTax (if not, it’ll change your life), you know the humans at Intuit know what they’re doing, and they’ve done it again with Mint, their money management app.

If you need some legitimately helpful guidance on managing your finances, budget, bills, or savings, Mint is what you’re looking for. It’s intuitive, it’s simple, and, best of all, it’s secure—remember, it’s made by the people behind TurboTax.

Life in the digital age is chaotic. Why not do your best to mitigate the chaos and streamline your life where possible.

Until next time, keep it simple.

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