Beat the Summer Heat!

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Something interesting happened to me this weekend; after months of waiting, WAITING, for the summer weather to finally get here, I found myself uncomfortable and lamenting in the oppressive heat of my apartment. All of a sudden, the one thing I had been waiting for since it last ended had run out its welcome.

Even someone like me, who prides himself on being from the south and being built for the heat has to come to terms with the harsh realities of summer: being uncomfortable is just par for the course. Or is it? Things may be getting a little warm but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can do to cool it off. Trust me – I’m from Texas.



I know that part of the allure of going outside is to get some sun and work on your tan, but not only does the extended sun exposure put you at risk of getting burnt, but it’ll make you feel like you’re hanging out on the sun, not in a park. Find yourself a nice big tree and set up shop beneath the giving nature of its illustrious shade. Not only does it stop the heat of the sun from radiating directly on you, but couple it with a nice summer breeze and you’ve got yourself some ideal summer conditions.
(FYI: Temperatures are measured in the shade so even though the thermometer may say 90° it may be closer to 100° in the sun and that’s hot.)


I know, I hate to sound like your mother here, but drink water, please. No matter how much energy you’re exerting, when you’re out in the heat and sun, your body losses water (aka sweat). You feel sluggish, your mouth is dry, and you’re well on your way toward dehydration station, which no one wants to see. Snag yourself a nice water bottle and keep that thing filled – or empty, depends on how you look at it.

Other drinks can help keep you hydrated, too, but take it from this guy, water is the gold standard.



Growing up with air-conditioning, I never put much thought into how hot a house/apartment could get during the heat of the summer, but since coming to the Northeast, mine eyes have been opened. A day’s worth of sun radiating through a window won’t just give your place a nice warmth, it’ll turn it into a sauna, which, on the surface, doesn’t sound terrible until you remember you have to live there.

For those of us north of the Mason-Dixon line, and not blessed with the magic of central air-conditioning, we only really only have two options: 1) buy a window unit, or invest in a fan (don’t be cheap here, get yourself a nice fan. It’ll make all the difference). Now, I don’t want to give you false hope, these two options will NOT keep you place cool as a pickle, but they can definitely help mitigate the discomfort of sweating on your couch, or worse, in bed. I mean, seriously, is there anything worse than sweating when you’re trying to go to sleep? I submit that there is not.


Think outside (ok, maybe not THAT far outside) the box and create a way to stay cool. Maybe that means turning the window unit on and closing the blinds during the day (sorry sunlight, but sacrifices have to be made for the greater good). Or opening the windows at night to create air flow. Maybe it means soaking hand towels in water and freezing them for when you get home from work - just put them on the back of your neck and let the heat melt away from your body it’s the single best heat remedy there is. It could even be eating frozen veggies or frozen fruit as a snack. Whatever it is, there are infinite ways to cool yourself off in the summer, some may just be a little weirder than the conventional methods. But, then again, when have we ever strived for conventionality?

Until next time – stay cool.

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