Your Complete Back-to-Non-School Guide

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Every year we go through the same thing. Summer winds to a close, the kids get back to school, and we’re barraged with “back to school” articles, commercials, and sales. Most of these posts and commercials, however, are peddling the idea that the new school year is a new beginning. But what if you’re not going back to school?

Though I’m not terribly far from my school days, as an “adult” human person I’m no longer in that target demographic. These campaigns are for young human people, or for adult humans with young humans to call their own. This whole “new beginnings” thing is ubiquitous this time of year but it only applies to a small portion of the population.

But does it have to be?

I want to take back the idea of having a new beginning this time of year and get you thinking of ways you can start anew in your professional and personal life with a “back-to-non-school” guide.


The best part about back-to-school time is snagging yourself some killer new school supplies. Unfortunately, the supplies we use at work are decidedly less cool than what we brought with us on the first day of school, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer the indignities of subpar supplies.

Find yourself a pen that you love and stock up on those bad boys. I recently came across a stray Pigma Micron pen and I’ve been using it with glee for months. True, they don’t come with the same social currency that gel pens did back in the day, but once you’ve found a pen that you enjoy, writing will become less of a chore. Oh, and for bonus fun times, get you some groovy post it notes. It’s surprising how much fun they are to play with. They’re basically the adult version of the fidget spinner.

If office supplies aren’t your bag, see if you can your coworkers together for lunch or an after work drink. Some people like to keep their professional life and personal life separate, but if you’re the type to want to befriend your coworkers, give this a gander. If you decided to grab lunch together, make sure you eat together. It’s one thing to pick up food and walk back to the office together. It’s another to actually eat together.


Here is your chance, with all the kiddos going back to school, to break the repetitiveness of the grind and start something that might add a little excitement to your day. It doesn’t have to be something big, or life-altering, it just has to be something new.

Maybe it’s riding your bike to work, or to the store, or using it to commute more. Maybe it’s going to a yoga class. Maybe it’s just taking a new route to the office. Whatever it is, here’s a good chance for you to change things up a little.

Why not dust off or reevaluate one of those New Year’s goals and see if you can’t make one of those stick? It’s a time of new beginnings, why not take advantage?


It’s never too late to learn something new. Give yourself a shot and take a course in something you’ve been wanting to learn.

If you want to increase your overall knowledge, find a class that focuses on the subject you’re interested in and enroll. There is no shortage of knowledge out there so you can literally learn anything you want. All you have to do is go. A quick Google search will help you find local classes, but if you’re more interested in online classes, look no further than this post we put out earlier this year.

The kids are back on the grind and starting again. Don’t let the passage of time stop you from doing the same.

Until next time – enjoy yourself.

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