A Brand New U, a New Us.

Unroll.Me was founded on the premise that there had to be a better way to deal with email. That at some point, our inboxes stopped being ours—and became a cacophonous broadcast of marketing messages. That there must be a way to take our inboxes back.

The solution was a service that would not only let you get rid of the subscriptions you don’t want, but would also consolidate the ones you do. Everyone likes deals, they just don’t need a jillion emails about deals and other information that they aren’t ready to act on. So, the Rollup was born and became the central element of our visual brand.


When we launched Unroll.Me on the web, the response was overwhelming. People called it “life-changing.” They said that they couldn’t live without it. They told their friends and social networks. Millions of people started using the service. It became bigger than the Rollup, it was freedom from email. It was hours of time granted. It was an inbox detox; a feeling of Zen.

It was time for a new mark that reflected that. A mark that wasn’t about what is in your inbox, but about what what using Unroll.Me gives you.

The ultimate benefit of Unroll.Me is that is allows you to reduce the time and energy you spend on your inbox so you can spend it doing the things you love. We call this U Time, and it is the central tenet of our brand.

Time is, after all, one of the most valuable things we have, and email certainly takes up a lot of it.

We worked with Kat Topaz and her talented team at 6D Digital to build a visual identity that was focused on you, or in this case, U. We wanted to communicate the most important attributes of Unroll.Me: essential, simple, and smart. Our U effectively conveys this, while the corner pulling off suggests freedom. And as an app icon, it is a stand-out on your screen—a critical element as we prepared to launch our first-ever mobile experience.

We hope you like it. And that you let your iPhone try it on.

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